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Hello, I’m Emma.

I work from my studio in my Suffolk home.


They say do what you love and love what you do and I’m lucky enough to do just that. 

For years I worked with brides, designing and making their gowns, attendants’ outfits and headdresses. 

It was at the time when bridal accessories were becoming more colourful, headdresses didn’t have to be white or ivory pearls. Stars, shells, feathers, vintage jewellery were all elements being combined with flowers to create striking, one of a kind headwear. 

I was hooked! I used to make my own flowers - anemones were a favourite and headdresses were statement pieces!

From vintage fabrics to bags to crackers to art, colour and texture are my inspiration, my oxygen and always at the heart of my work. 

Inspiration is everywhere. I am a lover of Instagram and the community I have found there. Paula Pryke and her wonderful floristry books showcasing her approach to colour had a big influence on me. 

Like most Creatives, I produce my best work when given free rein…

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